Who is this Peter Esko character? And Why Should I Care?

Short answer is nobody really, and you probably shouldn't care. Long answer is an interesting opinionated and talented graphic designer, photographer, and human being who can occasionally come up with something to rant and rave about any number of currently being hatched schemes. And in the long run hopefully a moderately influential contributing member of modern society.

The Basics (since you're here)

I'm Peter Esko, I'm a graphic designer and photographer. For my design work go to www.workscollective.com.

I'm an Easterner (mid-atlantic region) transplanted to the mountainous region of somewhere known as Salt Lake City. I've never had red-meat in my life. The wife got me hooked on the Boston Redsox, and since for some reason you are still reading click here for more biography type information.

Things to do

There are a couple things to wander through here at peteresko.com:

  • 1/ Take a moment and wander through some of my photography.
  • 2/ Browse my graphic design work over at works collective.
  •  3/ I used to tweet about training for a 3 hour marathon on my 30th birthday, ran it in 3:03:51, now I'm using 30 as inspiration to get faster and turned it into a blog.
  • 4/ Visit my good friends at Clark Custom Cycles.
  • 5/ What will more than likely be there greatest indevour that I ever partake in Grace Esko.
  • 6/ The latest and greatest idea that hasn't come to fruition yet...