More than you ever wanted to know about Peter Esko.

Peter was raised in a small town, now suburb of Washington, DC and while he appreciates having better coffee there now than when it was still a small town some of the growth is just silly.

I went to college at the University of Utah and originally studied mechanical engineering but realized I didn't want to be analyzing stress points on pliers for the rest of life so I became a graphic designer instead. I still get to design stuff, but it's way more intuitive. Besides, how many other graphic designers do you know who know a bunch of calculus and physics?

More will come soon when I can turn back on the BS engine...

General Info (since you're here)

I'm Peter Esko, I'm a graphic designer and photographer. For my design work go to

I'm an Easterner (mid-atlantic region) transplanted to the mountainous region of somewhere known as Salt Lake City. I've never had red-meat in my life. The wife got me hooked on the Boston Redsox, and since for some reason you are still reading click here for more biography type information.

Things Peter Digs

OMG, so this stuff is just soo cool, and makes it easier for Peter to get up in the morning:

  • 1/ Snow.
  • 2/ The oddly refreshing feeling of tired legs after a run.
  •  3/ Old Stuff. (I love trying to imagine the history of something old.)
  • 4/ Eugène Atget.
  • 5/ Clark Custom Cycles. (Yeah, it's another plug, no I don't care.)
  • 6/ More will come soon...